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10 Fun Facts About Fireworks

1. The first firecracker was invented in 810 A.D. by Jiao Ji, who celebrated his discovery by promptly flushing it down principal Chen’s toilet.

2. The word ‘firework’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘fire’ and ‘work’. Were you really too dumb to see that?

3. Did you know it’s legal to light off fireworks year-round in England? I guess that’s a decent consolation prize for losing a war with your own colony.

4. In Australia they call firecrackers ‘bungers’, which definitively proves they’re just an island of inbred convicts.

5. An estimated 9,600 people were injured by fireworks in 2011. Can you believe there were that many double dares issued in one year?

6. Israel uses fireworks to celebrate Purim, a holiday I just found out existed while googling the word ‘fireworks’.

7. In China, fireworks are not only completely legal, but actually mandatory for every citizen. Every person must detonate at least one firecracker per day or face imprisonment.

8. All fireworks except rockets are legal in Norway. Only rockets are legal in Sweden. Scandinavia is fucking weird.

9. High powered firecrackers such as M-80’s are categorized as ‘Class C’ fireworks. The C stands for Cool.

10. In 1910 the United States switched to using firecrackers to celebrate its Independence Day instead of the formal tradition of just shooting anyone who sounded vaguely British.

Posted: July 5th, 2012
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