Denver Comedy

Denver Comedians and Denver ComedyDenver Comedians Andrew Orvedahl, Michelle Miracle (now in L.A.), Greg Baumhauer, and Ben Kronberg (now in N.Y.C.)

Denver Comedy and Comedians

Comedian Andrew Orvedahl grew up in Denver and its luscious suburbs. While his comedy is informed by his experience living in New York in the roaring aughts, his first experiments in comedy were here, in the Denver comedy scene.

Inspired by Denver comedians Troy Baxley, Josh Blue, Chuck Roy, and others, Andrew has watched Denver comedy grow into a nationally-renowned scene. Comedians in Denver are consistently recognized across the country for their cutting-edge, witty comedy.

Movements in Denver Comedy

Denver comedy runs the gamut of humor, from politically correct to nauseatingly offensive, from hacky to subtly brilliant. Along with performing regularly at the Denver comedy club, Comedy Works, Andrew Orvedahl has been involved in Wrist Deep Productions, Los Comicos Super Hilariosos, Threople, and Denver’s hottest show, the Grawlix.

Andrew also co-hosts the monthly Denver storytelling show The Narrators, where he invites Denver comedians, musicians, writers, and artists to tell true stories.

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