The Tonight Show!

If you’re on my site you probably already knew this, but I’ll be telling jokes on The Tonight Show this coming Monday night! I am so excited that I am more just like a shuffling idiot zombie than stereotypically peppy. I can’t wait! And of course, my brain is already cooking up some stress nightmares for me! Here’s last night’s journal:

-As my set started, a black widow spider crawled out from the back of my sweater and bit me on the neck. I finished my set, but the bite swelled up horribly.

-Then my brain figured let’s take two on this, and the dream was the same, except when the spider emerged, Questlove ran over and brushed it off and saved me.

-Still not content, my brain took another take, and in this one a giant, Middle-Earth caliber spider dropped down and chomped me.

Posted: October 10th, 2014
Categories: In the news, Random thoughts
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