Narrators Episode 4: Food!

Here is the November episode, at long last.  Apologies for the long delay, I was hit with some technical difficulties, chief among them a mysterious static that comes and goes throughout the recording.  I wanted to share some of these stories anyway, but if you can’t take the static weirdness I understand completely.  Intro/outro music by Karen Correa.

Since there is an issue with the static I have provided the storytellers and their time codes so you can skip around if you need to.  Oddly enough, it was mostly comedians- who speak more directly into the microphone, apparently- who had far less static in their recordings.

Adam Cayton Holland: 5:50

Jan Scott-Frazier: 13:00

Nathan Lund: 24:10

Mara Wiles: 41:10

If you listen to the entire podcast you’ll understand this picture…

Posted: November 16th, 2011
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