Typical Andy.

In my podcast post (last blog entry, did you check it out and listen to it and enjoy it yet) I thanked a lot of people, because in general I’m a pretty thankful guy.  I like to make sure everyone gets credit for their work, regardless of how small that part may be.

Unless, of course, they’re so good at their work that it doesn’t seem like work.  If they’re so efficient that I never really think about the time they put in.  If they’re such a solid partner that I just sort of assume they’re taking care of my business while I galavant around town.

So it was that I forgot to thank my webmaster (and, to a lesser extent, wife) Natalie, for not only helping with all the final screws in the podcast- translating things like this: ‘The URL before the GET-style form values (before the first ?) must end in a media file extension (e.g. mp3). To work around this, the feed provider can alter their URL from this-‘ but for also managing every little bit of this site, save for my little blog ramblings.

SEO in DenverSo, here’s to you, Natalie!  Thanks for making this site precisely what I wanted it to be!  Thanks for optimizing it behind the scenes so it not only looks like I want it to, it performs in cool and secret ways that I do not understand, but am happy for!  If you’re reading this blog and you feel your website is not up to snuff, or you are curious how it could be secretly better (it can), hit up Natalie.  She emerges from the ocean on the 14th of every month.

Posted: August 11th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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