Here are some recipes from my upcoming cookbook, Cook With Me Slowly:

Old Faithful

Old Faithful Recipe

-10 fish sticks, cooked in a filthy toaster oven until ‘probably done’

-2 cups lukewarm coffee, slammed

Combine ingredients during vigorous bike ride.  Serve in piping hot geyser with tortilla chips.

Bachelor Andy’s actual dinner from 1996-2002

-Minute Brand microwave rice

-2 slices American cheese

-Baco’s imitation bacon bits

Microwave rice and cheese until cheese is melted.  Shake baco’s on top.  Eat with your only bent, rusty fork.  Repeat until you feel satisfied.  Garnish with Kool cigarettes and a 2-liter bottle of cherry cola.

World’s best French fries

-French fries

Go to your favorite place to get French fries.  Enjoy them.  You’ll never be able to make good French fries at home.

Posted: August 7th, 2011
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