I love you, public access!

Last night some of my friends at Denver Open Media invited me to come down and do some comedy at their studio for their big First Friday blowout.  If you aren’t familiar with what Denver Open Media does, they basically run Public Access (and a lot more, check the website, chumpy).

So I was riding my bike to the show, running late as usual, and I was trying to think of something funny to say about being on public access television.  It’s comedy 101: the local reference.  Thankfully, I thought of something at the last minute.

I arrived at the studio with a handful of minutes to spare, and was rushed on stage before I really had time to think about any other jokes or recall why I was invited to perform in the first place.

“Is this being broadcast live on public access?” I asked.  “Good, I had a splatter-paint interpretive dance I was going to perform later.”  Some  [very] mild laughter followed.  I was mid-way through my next joke when I looked over to see an extremely large canvas, covered with paint.  A man was sort of hiding behind the canvas.

“I already did that,” he said.

Of all the things I could think to joke about, it had apparently actually happened already!  I was floored, and I felt a teeny bit bad, because being an asshole sometimes makes me feel a little bad.

Here are some other things I could not have joked around about, either:

Selling homemade jewelry.

Organizing walking groups.

Building guitars at home.

The theme of the evening was “Here is How”, organized as a way for people to instruct other people on how to do things.  I completely forgot that aspect, and instead concentrated on roasting anything and everything in sight, which is also comedy 101: cannibalize, cannibalize, cannibalize!

If I put on a demonstration of how to do anything, it was how to be a little dickish to a very cool group of people who are exercising their creativity 100% more than 99% of the population.  Almost everyone watches television, but very few people are producing it locally.  Public access gets the bad rap while corporate network television gets the awards and clout.

So, if you were performing on that showcase, or producing it for DOM, sorry if I came off a little flippant and shitty.  All my jokes really were meant in fun, and I do always have a good time when I come down there.  I don’t know how to make an electric guitar at home, or paint, I’m just down for jokes.

Posted: August 7th, 2011
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Comment from Timmy splatter paint - August 7, 2011 at 4:56 pm

You mist have yourself confused with every other comic in town, andrew. It’s pretty hard for you to come across dickish (I think). When you go in with good intentions, it’s no good to second-guess yourself. Apologies aren’t very funny.

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