Here’s a little something nice the Denver Post wrote about me.

This Friday, June 22nd, I’m debuting my new comedy show Randomicity, where two teams of comedians battle each other with jokes on topics given to them at the show.  It will be a showcase of brilliant writing, quick-witted freestyling, and outright bombing.  We’re starting off with a bang, between my cohorts in The Grawlix (America’s Sweethearts) and Fine Gentlemen’s Club (America’s Most Wanted).  I know what you’re thinking: ‘How can you host a show where your own team is competing?’ and also: ‘How did you know what I was thinking?!’  Relax, I might be hosting, but the audience determines the winner.  Also I’ve seeded the audience with (paid) Grawlix devotees.

If you’ve ever been to the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, you might notice that this show bears resemblance to the marvelous Iron Comic, where a panel of comics writes jokes on topics provided at the show.  You might then think: ‘Hey Andy, you’ve been to the Bridgetown Comedy Fest, and in fact watched that very show.  And now you have this show.  Hrrrmm. Hmmph.  Heccccch.’  Weird sounds.  But amazingly enough, I did not steal this show idea from them, and in fact I have an email from over a year ago pitching this show idea to the owner of the Comedy Works.  So you shut your goddammed stink-trap!

Similarities aside, I think this show will be different in that it’s teams battling each other, and this show is in Denver instead of San Francisco.  Two glaring differences.  Also, that show is called Iron Comic, which is ripping off Iron Chef, and my show is Randomicity, which is ripping off The Police’s Synchronicity.  So again, apples and apples painted orange.

The show will be at 9pm at SOBO 151 on South Broadway.  Be there or be somewhere else, having less fun, probably.

Posted: July 18th, 2011
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