$2.79 Time Travel

I saw these at the supermarket today and immediately put them in my cart without even thinking about it.  First of all, I never, ever, buy Doritos.  Ever.  But this retro packaging instantly flung me through space and time to some of the best Friday nights of my life in the mid-80’s.  Nights with friends over to watch Critters and/or Armed and Dangerous.  We’d jump around on the sofa, drinking soda pop (another rare treat) and eating these chips, from a bag exactly like this.

And while this may read like a grandiose advertisement for chips, these chips, upon tasting them again, are completely unremarkable.  They taste like Doritos with a different type of salt.  If you gave me these in a bowl I would surely eat them, but they would not trigger any nostalgic response like that goofy font and ugly orange bag.  This was the ultimate impulse buy, and the only product I can think of that I might also grab without thinking would be Crystal Pepsi.

So you suckered me in, Frito Lay, but it was worth the brief trip down memory lane (although next time I’ll just hold the bag and close my eyes).

Posted: June 29th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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