The buzz.

So yesterday marked one full month without a drink.  I decided to dry out after a particularly long bender (3 months? 3 years?), and the time just seemed right- especially since I had just quit my day job and was transitioning to being a stay-at-home dad.  If you aren’t earning much money for the family, seems only right to curtail drinking money away.  At first it was difficult, if only because of the routine of having a drink or two before bed to knock me out.  But now it’s fairly easy, although this is the perfect ‘beer on the porch’ season, and everyone in my neighborhood is rubbing it in my face.

If there’s been one big change it’s that I don’t go out nearly as often.  I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly before, but I would go out with friends or check out a show once or twice a week.  Now without plans to drink, I find myself disinterested in going out.  Part of it is knowing I’ll be pretty tempted to drink, and the other part is not wanting to hang out around a bunch of people who are drinking.  Being the only sober person out on a weekend feels like being a survivor in a zombie movie.  Everyone is lurching around, having the greatest (or alternately, worst) time of their lives.  And being sober is just sort of being in the middle.

My goal for my personal prohibition was July 10th.  It’s my daughter’s birthday, which doesn’t have any significance (for this project), I just wanted a date and that jumped out.  It has been nice being hangover-free and not spending the extra money, but then again, it’ll be nice to have a beer on the porch again, too.

Posted: June 24th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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