I’m not a scientist, but thank you.

First of all, this unrelated picture:

That isn’t a poignant Memorial Day picture, just a coincidence.  I took that on a recent trip to NYC while walking around Williamsburg.  It looked so cool I figured it had to be an art installation, or the hippest store ever, but after inspecting the building it seemed genuine.  A little nugget of 50’s post-apocalyptic imagery frozen through time.

As for this blog: I recently performed a show in Boulder, Colorado, and while I was receiving the usual post-show verbal handjobs someone asked me if I was actually a scientist.  I was confused, until I remembered that I did tell two jokes that involved scientific studies, and I think at another point I randomly said that I ‘liked science’.  A flattering comment, but a sad indictment of the scientist/comedy scenes in general.  Is it that easy to convince people that you’re a scientist?

“I like science.”

“Are you a scientist?!”

I think we need to raise the bar, scientists, comedians, and scientist comedians!

Posted: May 31st, 2011
Categories: Andrew's Rants, Random thoughts
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