My New Free Job

I recently began submitting articles to a website,, which is essentially a very poor man’s Onion.  I say that because it’s a news parody site just like The Onion, but they also accept a lot of free help, mine included.  Still, it’s experience writing articles, and good practice if I ever did write for The Onion.   Ideally one day I might get paid by this website, or at the very least parlay it into a writing job somewhere else.

Here is the best piece I’ve written so far, Creationist Museum Evolves into Bible-Themed Water Park.

I also wrote this one, which was sadly censored using asterisks to shield young minds from the bad language.

Oddly enough, I submitted: “Shocking study released by local University lacrosse team reveals your diet may be deficient in penis” and it was not published.  If there was one article that I thought really ‘fit’ with the site, it was that one.  Oh well, you learn something new every day in this biz.

Posted: May 18th, 2011
Categories: Andrew's Rants, Random thoughts
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