My friend Ben.

I’ve known Ben Kronberg for his entire comedy career. The first time I ever met him was in the green room of the Comedy Works on New Talent night. He was wearing a red velvet track suit that highlighted his testicles and had an acoustic guitar. I hated him immediately.

In no time Ben won me over with both his off-stage sweetness and his on-stage comedy, which began with funny songs and clever one-liners and has evolved into weird shit and clever one-liners.

I got the chance to catch up with Ben in New York City on my recent trip, and see how he’s settling in to his life here. Ben has always been an eccentric dresser (to the extent of being on the television show ‘What Not To Wear’), but today he was dressed reasonably- for an apartment building handyman.

We spent the afternoon walking around Brooklyn in a roundabout adventure to pick up Ben’s glasses. As we walked under a tree a bird voided its bowels all over Ben. While 99% of people might find this repulsive and particularly unlucky, Ben excitedly squealed, “I can’t believe how lucky I am!” and “I should buy a lottery ticket!”

Later we sat down on the couch for a brief interview, which turned into a series of failed attempts which can be found here. Our final take is below.

Posted: May 14th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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