Bridgetown Blog #4

Well, after four days, three pizzas, fourteen vodka-sodas, thirty-five beers, and two hundred and seventy-six donuts, the Bridgetown Comedy Fest came to an end.  I’ve always been a big fan of Portland, and this was like a tiny dream vacation for me.  So right from the top, thanks to Andy Wood and his small army of organizers and volunteers who made the entire fest possible.

I spent most of yesterday convalescing by watching mediocre television in bed after performing my one man show: Drunks McGonnagal the evening prior.  My final show was at the Eagle’s Lodge, a little club torn from the fabric of time that felt like a 60’s VFW hall.  The show was a lot of fun, packed to the back, and a great finale to my weekend.

There were many highlights of the fest, but I think overall I loved the opening night show with Chris Fairbanks, Eric Andre and Pete Holmes.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a show in… maybe ever.

Again, big thanks to Portland and Andy Wood for inviting me and putting on such a fun time.  I thought it was really inspiring not only for my own comedy, but perhaps for a comedy festival in Denver one day.

Posted: April 25th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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