Bridgetown Blog #2

Day two of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival found me playing hide and go seek with a nasty, persistent hangover.  We were treated to a fat king’s bounty of donuts for breakfast, and despite my assertion that I would not eat donuts for breakfast, I quickly ate five.

In the afternoon all the comedians were treated to a private party at Ground Kontrol arcade, with free play on every game!  I played a lot of my childhood favorites, and finally beat Raiden II (and have the painfully sore shoulder and wrist tendons to prove it today).  Afterward most of the other comics went to a strip club but I went back to the hotel to take a nap, instead watching videos on Eric Andre’s website.

My show at Bar of the Gods went well, despite the fact that it was at almost one in the morning, and the little rear room it was held in became shivering cold.  I realized how hip Portland truly was when I saw that the kitchen guy had a hairnet just for his beard.

All of the day’s fun paled in comparison to the greatest discovery Adam Cayton-Holland and I made in the closet of our hotel room: matching his and his bathrobes!  I offer you a slideshow of our discovery, and our attempt to enjoy the city of Portland from within this terrycloth comfort.

Posted: April 24th, 2011
Categories: Random thoughts
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